Christmas with The Woodalls!

Yesterday I had the great honour of being invited to the children’s unit at The Royal Marsden to do some readings of Tara and Tyrone and to donate some of the books to each of the kids on the unit. If you’re having a rubbish day - be sure to take a moment to think about the poor little pickles and their families who have to spend Christmas in hospital being poked and prodded with needles and drains and having to deal with chemo and other therapies. The play specialists and nurses are genuinely miracle workers and they each deserve awards for all of the hard work they do to keep the place so positive at this time of year that can be so emotional and difficult for so many. Big up to all of the staff at The Royal Marsden! You’re all amazing!

After leaving the Royal Marsden I paid a very quick visit to these two lovely lads! George and Alex and their lovely parents have become amazing friends through the most unfortunate of circumstances. George, like Emmy has been being treated at The Royal Marsden and he like Emmy is an absolute warrior! His family are the kindest, most humble and most beautiful bunch you’ll ever meet and they are flying toward their fundraising target of £1000000 through ‘George and the Giant Pledge’. Knowing that Emmy wouldn’t be here this Christmas, and worried that I would have no one around to spoil me - they took it upon themselves to make up a whole sack of presents for Molly and I! Each gift was so thoughtful and generous. They have so much on and the fact that they found time and had the thought to do this just blew me away and got me a little bit emotional indeed. ????So proud to know them. Everyone should support them. It broke my heart then to see George spike a temperature which required him to return to the RM late last night for yet another stay at this, the most unfair time of year!! I have EVERYTHING CROSSED that you’ll be home soon big guy and wishing you all the most wonderful Christmas together! Please search ‘george and the giant pledge’ to see how to support them! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018! All my love Guys! Xx

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